July 03, 2017

South Carolina Recycling Success by the Numbers

The state of South Carolina has enjoyed tremendous growth since the turn of the century and the rise in the recycling industry the Palmetto State is no different.  Several studies completed in recent years tell the story of how recycling has increased both jobs and overall revenue.

*In 2006 the recycling industry  had a total economic impact of $6.5 billion.  In 2014 that number had doubled to $13 billion.

*In 2005 the recycling industry directly or indirectly supported 37,440  jobs with $1.5 billion in personal income impact.  In 2014 that number had soared to 54,121 jobs and $2.7 billion in labor income.  Today,  the average growth rate is projected at 19 percent.

* In 2014 the average payroll per employee in the recycling industry was $40,20, above the average wage in South Carolina of $38,700.

*In 2006 340 firms were identified as recycling related firms.  In 2014 that number had risen 54 percent to 524 recycling related firms. The medium number of employees at these facilities in 2014 was 14.  64 percent of those firms indicated plans for expansion!

For recycling to continue to increase it is important that additional recycling streams are captured.  Recover, Inc., founded in 1994, is ready to assist your business with your recycling needs.  It will not only help the environment, but may also increase your bottom line.

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