Recycling solutions for distribution centers, warehouses, and similar industries are an important step in maintaining productivity.

Whether you operate your own warehouses and distribution centers or you run a supply chain management company that works with multiple customers, your operations generate a substantial volume of scrap material from re-packing lines, order fulfillment, assembly of items, and inventory management. Distributors and warehouses operate at a high-volume 24/7—and unnecessary downtime means a loss of revenue. We understand that you can’t afford to spend hours managing your recycling program, slowing down your productivity and losing money.

As the dedicated recycling partner for many distribution centers, warehouses, and third-party supply chain companies, we’ve developed an extensive knowledge of the industry. Through our partnerships, we’ve designed material flow processes for recyclable material, installed and serviced custom equipment, and managed the material logistics for warehouses and distribution centers throughout the southeast, becoming uniquely familiar with the industry and its recycling needs, waste streams, and goals.


How Recover Can Help

Our Recycling Solutions Keep Distribution Centers Running

If you’re managing operations at a distribution center or warehouse, the last thing you want is packaging and other byproducts piling up. Our number one priority is making sure that your distribution center is operating at peak performance. Recover provides efficient recycling solutions that can scale to meet your company’s needs and reliable pick-ups so scrap materials are never sitting around haphazardly. Once you have our recycling plan in place, every waste product has a designated route through your facility.

We begin with our comprehensive waste stream audit, which will help you design the best recycling and waste disposal program to keep your business running smoothly and safely. Our recycling solutions are customized to your location, facility, and distribution output—guaranteeing a waste disposal plan that’s deeply rooted in your existing workflow.

Our dedicated recycling experts can even help you get more from your paper,cardboard, and plastic stock through our processing and warehousing procedures.

Top Recyclables for distribution centers and warehouses include:

Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap could potentially be one of the most lucrative recyclable materials used in Distribution Centers and Warehouses—and one of the easiest recycling materials to recover. Stretch wrap is usually made of LDPE (low density polyethylene) and is used by product manufacturers and distributors to bind shipping cartons to pallets so they can be shipped to distribution centers and warehouses. Organizations that do not collect and recycle stretch wrap have to pay for it to be disposed of and hauled away. Implementing recycling efforts for stretch wrap pays well for most Distribution Centers and Warehouses.

Cardboard Recycling

The operations of an average distribution center or warehouse generate a high-volume of used cardboard. OCC, cardboard boxes, cardboard pallets, and gaylords all tend to stack up quickly at a busy warehouse. Fortunately, cardboard and other paper products are the original recyclable commodity—easy to collect and even easier to break down into fibers and recycle. Because of this, cardboard and paper stock retains its value longer than many recyclables and is often a worthwhile product to consider adding to your recycling plan.

Pallet Recycling

According to the Virginia Tech Center for Forest Products Marketing, approximately 170 million wood pallets are repaired and recycled each year. In addition to the environmental benefits, recycling pallets reduces overall costs and generates a return on your pallet investment. We reuse or recycle all grades of wood and plastic pallets including softwood pallets, hardwood pallets, and plastic pallets made of PVC and HDPE. Plastic pallets can be reused many times over and then recycled once they’re reached their useful life. When wooden pallets can no longer be reused, they can be recycled into fuel, mulch, flooring, pet bedding, fiberboard, pressed logs and composting agents.

Get a Customized Quote for Your Distribution Center or Warehouse

We understand that every industry—and every area of the country—has different recycling needs and requirements. Recover works in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, and throughout the Southeast, so we know the recycling rules and regulations well. Let us create a custom quote for your distribution center or warehouse that simplifies your processes and makes the most of your waste.

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