Whether you’re a buyer or seller, our recycling solutions for mills & paper companies make it simple to manage your high grade paper pulp & other raw materials

Since 90% of what we do is paper and cardboard recycling, mills and paper companies form the foundation of our business. As a flexible recycling partner, Recover thrives on fostering long-term relationships with high-volume producers—and nowhere is this more true than with the mill and paper industry. We have been working with paper companies and mills for decades and understand all of the intricacies of the business.


Whether you are looking to buy raw material at a good price or unload your surplus stock, Recover is a trusted ally in your zero waste and sustainability goals, as well as in your efforts to recover lost revenue. We employ a staff of highly-trained waste experts and a strong administrative team who can lower your overhead through attentive customer service, detailed reporting, and prompt payments. Our goal is to minimize your hassles while maximizing your ROI.


How Recover Can Help


Paper companies and mills are often looking for high-grade paper pulp in order to meet the demands of production. While many mills shop for their recycled raw materials themselves, there are many benefits to using a broker like Recover:

  • Economy of Scale. Instead of negotiating with individual providers internally, why not outsource to ensure that you are getting the best deal on large quantities of pulp? Recover maintains strong relationships with all sorts of providers, so we can deliver what you need, when you need it.
  • Guaranteed Quality. Recover is the southeast’s leader in the collection and processing of secondary fiber materials. Every year, we partner with thousands of professional service businesses, national grocery chains, retail establishments, distribution centers, and mills to recycle all grades of paper materials. Like you, we know all grades of paper by heart, so you can be sure that you’re getting the quality that you’re paying for. Plus, our unique cleaning and preparation process can actually make high-grade paper pulp even better suited for reuse.

Convenience. Dealing with one point of contact is much faster and easier than keeping track of multiple suppliers and transporters. We do it all in-house, so that our paper company and mill clients only have to talk to one company to meet all of their needs.


For sellers

CArdboard Recycling

We can help you put your bulk cardboard to better use. We accept all grades whether baled, on pallets, or in roll form.

Plastic Recycling

We accept shrink wrap, stretch film, and all industrial grades including PET, HDPE, and LDPE.

Paper Recycling

In addition to our cardboard recycling services, we also recycle newspaper, mixed paper, coated paper, and multi-wall kraft bags.

Pallet Recycling

We will gladly help you resell or recycle your used wood and plastic pallets.

Other Recycling Solutions

Don’t know if something is recyclable? That’s what we’re here for. During our comprehensive waste audit we’ll let you know what you can recycle and help your business move toward zero landfill.


Other Industries We Serve

Recover has the industry expertise and service infrastructure to help you achieve regulatory compliance at every level of your operations and across every category of waste. Put simply, we want to be your all-in-one recycling partner. Our sustainability experts work with you to develop a recycling program that makes sense for your company while also meeting federal and local requirements.

Recover has over 20 years of direct experience managing recycling for:
  • Grocery stores
  • Multi-location fast-food and full-service restaurants
  • Food distributors
  • Convenience stores
  • Hotels
  • Boutiques and small box stores
  • Warehouse stores
  • Automotive chains

You Can Count On Us

We pride ourselves on our service and reliability, becoming your single-source point of contact and providing round-the-clock client support to guarantee your retail space remains uncluttered and inviting for your customers.

Plus, if recycling is right for your business, we make sure you stay compliant with all local recycling laws. Our expansive vendor network and our relationships with municipalities throughout the southeast enable us to provide up-to-the-minute support. If and when your state changes the recycling laws, we are equipped to offer you uninterrupted service and a hassle-free transition from your current plan.


Ask for a Personalized Quote Today!

Grocery chains and other retail establishments are a complicated business, but your recycling program and waste management doesn’t have to be. Recover has the expertise to handle all the logistics, streamlining your collection processes and salvaging the most value from your byproducts. Plus, we understand all of the local recycling rules and regulations, whether you operate in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Huntsville, Alabama, or anywhere in the southeast. Contact us for a free waste stream audit and personalized quote.

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