Our commercial pallet recycling services can help distribution centers, warehouses, grocery chains, and other industries cut shipping costs—either through reselling used pallets or recycling pallets that are no longer in good used condition.

Nearly all industrial materials, and many consumer goods, are shipped on wood or plastic pallets to make it easier to load and unload goods using forklifts. Both wood and plastic pallets are durable, meaning they can be reused many times before becoming scrap.

Their durability makes them a valuable commodity in the recycling industry. Don’t pay for pallet disposal or, even worse, burn your wood pallets, releasing toxic emissions into the air. Use our planet-friendly pallet recycling and recovery services instead.


Wood Pallet

Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint.

Every year, we refurbish and resell thousands of wood pallets that would otherwise wind up in local landfills, taking years to break down. Pallet companies and shipping companies are always looking for high-quality used pallets in standard sizes that they can reuse or resell. Recover pays top dollar for great used condition and unused wood pallets.

For scrap pallets, odd-sized pallets, or other discarded wood pallets that are not in prime condition, we provide recycling and other disposal services.

Plastic Pallet

Increase your revenue by reusing pallets in good condition

Since plastic pallets have a relatively long lifespan, many companies seek to reuse or recycle plastic pallets in order to cut costs and benefit their bottom line. We accept all forms and grades of plastic pallets for recycling and will work with you to develop a custom recycling solution that fits your business operations.


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We operate our pallet recycling services throughout the southeast, covering major metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Tallahassee, FL, and Charleston, SC. We also dispatch drivers along the eastern seaboard to places like Baltimore, MD and Boston, MA.

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We partner with businesses that want to recycle their industrial by-products, as well as government agencies, recycling centers, and mills looking for raw materials. We work throughout the United States, but our main focus is the southeastern states, including South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

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